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​Relax With A Swedish Massage

Getting a massage is far more than just the ultimate form of relaxation. It also provides many health benefits as well. While there are many different forms of massage available, Swedish massage stands out as a long-time favorite of many.

In fact, due to the extreme relaxation achieved and the many health benefits, Swedish massages are one of the most popular massage techniques used around the world today. This technique is believed to have been first developed by Swedish psychologist Per Henrik Ling, who called it medical gymnastics. His techniques utilized those previously practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

What Is Swedish Massage?

Most Swedish massages follow the same pattern of technique as follows. In massage training, you will learn the primary method: effleurage, which uses long, gliding strokes to rub muscles in the direction of the heart. This step helps to relax soft tissue and prepare them for a deeper massage.

This is often followed by petrissage, where you squeeze, or knead, the muscles between your hands. Then comes the deepest part of the massage, where circular movements cause the muscles to rub against themselves creating friction and heat.

Finally, you will use light tapping on the client’s muscles, with either the sides of your hands or a cupped palm. You may also gently rotate his or her joints to improve flexibility.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage

The health benefits of Swedish massage are undeniable. The primary benefit obtained from this type of massage is stress relief. Individuals who are under stress often have high levels of stress hormones, primarily cortisol, in their bodies and tension in their muscles. If not removed, these muscle toxins build up over time and can cause more serious health problems to develop.

In fact, individuals who received a 45-minute Swedish massage had significantly lower levels of cortisol and higher levels of white blood cells, which boost the immune system. In addition, Swedish massage also increases the amount of oxygen that is contained in the blood and improves circulation.

Swedish Massage For Athletes

Athletes have long known the advantages of Swedish massage, which helps to boost performance and speed recovery of muscles. It accomplishes this by increasing the blood flow throughout the body and flushing out toxins, such as lactic acid that builds up naturally during intense activity.

In addition, Swedish massage increases the number of red blood cells in the body, preventing anemia, which athletes are susceptible to. Furthermore, Swedish massage has actually been proven to lengthen muscles, which can be used effectively to treat injured athletes. By massaging the injured area, such as a leg, it prevents the muscle from atrophying, which both helps to eliminate pain and speeds the healing process.  

Where To Learn Swedish Massage And More

As you can see, learning Swedish massage at massage school will take you far in your career of helping people heal and recover. In addition to this form, you will learn other popular modalities, including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and reflexology. You will be done with your education in approximately 9-12 months. Sign up for classes now, and your career will be starting in about a year!

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