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Find a local two-year college or specialty school that focuses on massage therapy training. Certification programs blend coursework and practical massage therapy experience and include courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, body mechanics, ethics and business practices.

What is a massage therapist?

The most common and well known Swedish massage technique involves soft, long kneading strokes along with light, rhythmic, tapping strokes on the top layers of the muscles, generally in the direction of the heart. With proper training a massage therapist can alleviate lower back pain, improve range of motion, ease medication dependence, lessen depression and anxiety and more.

Licensing Requirements

In order to practice as a massage therapist, candidates must earn a license and/or certification in their specialty. Education and licensing credentials also validate and verify your knowledge and professionalism. Massage therapists must receive training from an accredited school and licensing requirements vary by state.

How long do I have to go to school to become a massage therapist?

While the educational hours can vary from state to state, the class time hours range from 300-1,000 or up to two years. The median is more along the 500-600 hour timeframe. Most states require massage therapists to be certified or licensed. More career answers

How much does massage therapy school cost?

With massage schools national average of 500-600 hours, tuition is generally between $6,000-$11,000 including textbooks and supplies. Accredited massage therapy school students could be qualified for various forms of financial assistance so be sure to ask for help at your school's financial aid office. For help finding and receiving grants and scholarships for massage school, see our full Financial Aid Guide.

In 2015, the average salary of a licensed massage therapist was $38,040 per year and $18.29 per hour.

Ref: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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