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9 Popular Types Of Massages Learned In Massage Therapy Schools

The type of massage therapy school you attend and the electives you take will determine what kinds of massage techniques you’ll learn. There are so many popular types of massages to learn, and you can decide to specialize further, even once you’ve completed your massage therapy program. Here are some of the most popular types of massages.

Massage Therapy

This is the most commonly taught massage in school. Also known as Swedish Massage, it’s the foundation for most of the other types of massages you’ll be exposed to. This practice applies pressure to the soft tissue of the body.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is exactly what it sounds like. A brief massage is given to someone in a special chair. This type of massage can be done anywhere, from house parties to malls—you can even take your work to offices.

Infant Massage

Those massage therapists who massage infants have to receive specialized training. It’s an incredibly specialized form of massage, and extra precautions have to be taken when massaging a baby.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women get massages to reduce swelling and pregnancy discomforts. This is another type of massage therapy that only someone trained should do.


Reflexology is a form of Chinese massage. Pressure is applied to certain points in the hands and feet that correspond to particular organs of the body.

Spa Therapy

Spa therapy teaches you aromatherapy, nutrition, massage, and other natural techniques. Massage therapists that specialize in spa therapy work in hotels, salons, cruise ships, and other luxury-type businesses.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is used as a form of injury prevention among athletes. Sports therapists use a broad range of techniques to help restore the joints and muscles, so they are better functioning.

Stone Massage

This type of massage therapy uses either hot or cold stones during the massage. Warm stones help relax the muscles, and cold stones can help sinuses if used on the face.

Trigger Point Therapy

Massage therapy students learn how to use firm pressure and apply it to particular points on the body. Trigger point therapy is used primarily to flush the toxins and promote faster healing.

Tons To Offer

As you can see, a career as a massage therapist is always interesting, never boring! Are you ready to get started learning the correct way to do these processes? Then get into class—find a school near you.

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