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Holistic Therapy Courses To Supplement Massage Training

Holistic therapy is a great addition to massage training. Holistic healing uses alternative non-invasive methods such as aromatherapy, yoga, herbs, and other relaxation techniques.

Holistic medicine can work alongside modern medicine and offer significant benefits to patients with chronic pain or who are recovering from an injury or from surgery. As a holistic therapist, you act as a bridge between Eastern and Western healing methods.

What Is Holistic Healing Therapy?

Holistic healing is based on the principle that the entire person, mind, body, and spirit is involved in healing. The holistic theory maintains that if one part of that triad is out of balance, then it can adversely affect a person's health and well-being. Rather than focusing specifically on the injured area, a holistic therapist helps to ease the mind and spirit as well, seeking to put all three parts of a person's being back in balance. In addition to using herbs, scents, and oils, a holistic therapist uses positive mind exercises, such as affirmations and reinforcements.

What Do You Learn In Holistic Therapy Training?

While you're training to be a holistic therapist, you'll learn the different medicinal properties of healing herbs and how to use them. You'll also study the principles of yoga and other relaxation techniques as well as stretching and low-impact ways of improving muscle tone.

Aromatherapy is another component of holistic medicine. This is the science of using scents, such as mint and lavender, as well as flowers and essential oils to relax and heal the body. A holistic therapist also learns the rudiments of Eastern medicine as well as the basics of anatomy and biology.

Use Your Career To Heal

Adding training as a holistic therapist in addition to your massage training can help to make you even more invaluable to patients. The more well-rounded your abilities are, the more people you will be able to assist.

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