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Massage Therapist Workplace Options

There’s no such thing as a dead end when you pursue a massage therapy career. With an arsenal of career options to choose from, the hardest part is deciding which massage therapy career path to take.

Massage Therapist Job Outlook

A really great reason to consider a career in massage therapy is the job outlook prediction. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that between now and 2026, careers that fall under the massage therapy heading are predicted to grow 24 percent. This is a much higher rate than the average growth for careers. Continued career growth means there will be an increase in demand for certified massage therapists.

Workplace Options

Franchises that specialize in massage are continuing to pop up in strip malls across the country. If you’re looking for a career in a structured, corporate-run environment, then this is a good option to check out.

Spas are a popular destination for those looking for a massage. Receiving a massage at a spa can be a bit more glamorous than going to a local franchise. It is also a bit more costly. But it’s a great place for you to grow clientele and gain experience for your resume!

Chiropractic and medical offices have massage therapists as employees now. Massages are undeniably beneficial to healing and are proven to work in conjunction with some medical and chiropractic treatments.

Self-employed massage therapists are typically the most in control when it comes to their career. They can choose their clients and their work hours, and they don’t have to split the cost of their services with anyone.

Sports teams are now employing massage therapists. Many of the massage therapists get to travel with the team, so they need to be in a position of flexibility.

How Much Do Massage Therapists Make?

The median annual salary of a massage therapist is $39,990 according to bls.gov. However, the top 10 percent will make over $77K, while those just entering the profession will earn $20K. These numbers are not including the tips that many massage therapists receive from their clients.

How To Start Your Life In This Role

Many massage therapists work part time due to the strenuous nature of the job. Because it’s an appointment-based career, the hours may vary wildly from one day to the next, depending on clientele and bookings. You will need training before you start working on clients; find a massage therapist program near you to begin.

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