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How Much Is Massage Therapy Training School?

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The value of a good education may be hard to put into numbers, but it’s easy to give you an idea of the cost of massage therapy training. Here are examples of how much a massage program is at schools across the U.S.

These figures are meant to help you feel more informed, but final costs may vary. It’s important to note that these numbers, taken from information on the schools’ websites in June 2020, are listed before any applicable financial aid is applied.

Filling out the FAFSA and searching for scholarships can lower your out-of-pocket contribution, sometimes drastically. See our resources section below for guidance.

Cost Of Massage Certificate Training

Certificate programs are one of the most popular ways to earn your massage therapy training. Most programs have you career-ready in as few as 10 months, though some may be a little shorter and others longer.

Arizona College: For a 35-week program, the listed tuition is $15,474. Not included in this price is a $25 registration fee and $65 non-porous shoes.

Austin Community College: In this 5-10 month massage training in TX, the estimated tuition is $5,200.

Carrington College: This 9-month massage therapy training program, offered in AZ, CA, ID, NM, OR, and WA, has an estimated cost of $12,522. There are some additional costs including books and your massage table.

Fortis: The 25-week massage training program at Fortis is listed at $13,745 for tuition. Other fees, including your oil pump, holster, and textbooks total an additional $1,572.

Indiana Wellness College: For this 12-month diploma of sports and medical massage program, the school states your total tuition investment is $14,515, including your registration fees and MBLEx licensing exam cost.

Lincoln Tech: This 34-week massage therapy course offered in Somerville, MA (and other states) has a price of $19,303, and this includes all books and enrollment fees.

Cost Of Licensed Massage Therapy Associate Degree

Associate degree massage therapy programs can usually be completed in 2 years. These longer training programs typically build on the knowledge you learn in a certificate program and include general education credits.

National University Of Health Sciences: The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy in FL and IL is estimated by the school to cost $14,934.

Saint Paul College: The Clinical Sports Massage Associate of Applied Science Degree program in MN has a listed cost of $10,992-$16,658, with projected book costs of $1,300-$1,900. Your massage table and small assorted fees are additional.

Accredited Schools Near You

This sampling of training costs should help you form a better idea of what massage therapy school may cost near you. Don’t forget to look into financial aid, and look forward to your future career as a licensed massage therapist. Remember, you could be completed in as few as 10 months!

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