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Qualities Of A Good Massage School

Massage therapy education is the most important factor for anyone interested in working at, or operating, a massage therapy business. There are plenty of good massage schools out there, but how do you know you’re choosing one of them? Selecting the right massage school is important. It’s how you learn the best processes and procedures and find out about the equipment and tools you’ll want to use in your career.

Massage School Accreditation

All of the best massage schools offer you an education through an accredited program. Accreditation involves a review process of massage schools. According to the U.S. Department of Education, accreditation aims to ensure that the level of education provided to students meets certain defined quality levels.

Massage Business And Ethics

It is one thing to get a quality education, but it’s another to actually apply those concepts and education in the business world. All the best massage schools teach you business and ethics skills so you can have successful business ventures. Ethics is important when operating a massage therapy business. Through training, you will pick up an understanding of how to properly operate your own massage business.

Well-Rounded Massage Therapy Courses

There are fundamental courses that you should take during training. Among these include:

  • physiology and the general anatomy of the body
  • Eastern theory ideas and practice
  • energy and non-traditional therapy techniques
  • CPR and wellness
  • muscle energy techniques
  • Western theory and history
  • neuromuscular/trigger point techniques
  • deep tissue massage methods
  • clinical and sports massage techniques
  • Swedish massage

This list is not a full curriculum, just some of the most popular massage therapy courses you’ll want to be sure you’ve gone through in school.

Financial Aid For Students

The cost of education has continued to climb. Unless your parents can heavily contribute or you have your own savings, you may need financial aid help to pay for your education. While you can get government grants and loans for any school, good massage schools offer students additional opportunities for financial assistance, including scholarships, grants, and student loan programs of their own. To learn more about getting help, check our complete financial aid guide.

Time To Start

Now that you have some ways to evaluate the schools you are interested in, it’s time to apply and begin classes. You’ll leave your training program ready to get to work at someone else’s business—or even start your own.

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