Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the most common and well-known type of massage therapy. Based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, a Swedish massage is also a great therapeutic option.

Prior to performing this technique, you will want to communicate with your client and determine the level of pressure desired, as well as any pains or injuries that may need special attention.

The Swedish massage technique involves soft, long kneading strokes along with light, rhythmic, tapping strokes on the top layers of the muscles, generally in the direction of the heart. It is typically used for relaxation, relief of muscular tension and improvement of circulation and range of motion. Other techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching.

Added benefits to the Swedish massage technique include an increased level of oxygen within the blood, a decreased level of muscle toxins, a decreased level of stress and cortisol levels, and improved circulation and flexibility.

Career in Swedish massage

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