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Harrison College is recognized as accredited by the U.S. Department of Education pursuant to the terms of an Agreement between Harrison College and the U.S.Department of Education dated December 22, 2016. Harrison College prides itself on truly knowing our students -- their lives and families, obstacles and motivations and their dreams and goals. We also know their potential -- that's why for more than 100 years, our mission has been to provide a supportive environment, with the expectation that their success also benefits their families, friends and communities. That's the Harrison Difference.

Harrison takes a personal approach to education, with more than 2,400 students at 11 campuses in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. Harrison exists to empower students to achieve their own personal success and bring positive improvements to their lives.

Our approach to education is focused on providing a support system that helps our students achieve their own success through hard work and dedication. From our experienced and caring faculty to our student services, we offer a close-knit atmosphere that helps provide our students with a sense of belonging from day one through graduation.

Harrison has served and helped students and employees improve their lives since 1902. What kind of success? Not just job success, but life success – happiness, pride and personal fulfillment. Our students’ stories, challenges and triumphs inspire our faculty and staff every day. These relationships are the foundation of Harrison College.


Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy at Harrison College

Harrison College’s School of Health Sciences is different. Our approach to education focuses on providing the support and experience you need to be prepared for the next chapter of your life.

At Harrison, we pride ourselves on truly knowing our students – your lives and families, obstacles and motivations, and your dreams and goals. We also know your potential – that’s why for more than a hundred years, our mission has been to provide a supportive environment, empowering students to improve their lives with the expectation that your success also benefits your families, friends and communities.

Harrison’s Clinical Massage Therapy certificate program offers more than 750 hours of personal classroom instruction.

Before you start your career, you will extern at Harrison’s own training spa, a chiropractic office or a physical therapy or rehab facility. This real-world experience provides you valuable training to be confident and proud of your accomplishments and skills, improving your life and impacting those around you.

As a student in the Clinical Massage Therapy program, you will be taught how to:

• Perform deep tissue, seated and relaxation massages
• Implement massage plans for elderly and pre-natal clients
• Perform muscular/skeletal assessments for sports and clinical techniques
• Perform aroma therapy and spa techniques
• Assess the mind/body connection for appropriate communication and customizing the treatment plan
• Apply basic business principles and perform in professional boundaries

Successful Clinical Massage Therapy students can be described as:

• Compassionate with good interpersonal skills
• Critical thinkers and good decision-makers
• Strong physical stamina, strength and dexterity
• Able to adhere to policies and regulations
• A life-long learner

"Using Harrison College massage therapy externs has definitely cut down on games lost and players not being available to play over the last several years. Obviously, that shows a lot about the education they are receiving at Harrison College. Harrison College massage therapy externs are the only ones the Indianapolis Indians will work with.” Bryan Housand, Head Athletic Trainer for the Indianapolis Indians

Source: Career School Now - Harrison College

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