The benefits of massage therapy

By choosing to become a Massage Therapist, you will be working on clients with a variety of discomforts, ailments, and other physical issues. Massage ... Continue Reading..

Choosing a good massage therapy school

To earn your degree as a Massage Therapist will take 330-1,000 hours of schooling, depending on which state you are in and which school you attend. Be... Continue Reading..

The most popular types of massages learned in massage therapy school

Depending on the type of massage therapy school you attend will determine what kinds of massage techniques youll learn. There are so many popular t... Continue Reading..

Massage therapy credentials

When someone has credentials in their field of work, it gives a sense of legitimacy to the clients or customers. For massage therapists, credentials a... Continue Reading..

Massage therapist workplace options

Theres no such thing as a dead end when you pursue a Massage Therapy career. With an arsenal of career options to choose from, the hardest part is ... Continue Reading..

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