The Most Popular Types of Massages Learned in Massage Therapy School

Hundreds of massage techniques exist, but these are the ones you’ll most likely be learning. The type of massage therapy school you att... Continue Reading..

Massage Therapy Credentials

What credentials are required, and what associations are good to join voluntarily? Find your way to becoming a massage therapist.When someone ha... Continue Reading..

Massage Therapist Workplace Options

Have you considered all these different paths you can take with a career in massage therapy? There’s no such thing as a dead end when y... Continue Reading..

Holistic Therapy Courses to Supplement Massage Training

Massage therapy is a field where eastern and western medicine can work hand in hand. See how to use both in your career. Holistic therapy is ... Continue Reading..

Skills That All Great Massage Therapists Should Master

Find and keep clients and make a name for yourself with these traits. Your job and income as a massage therapist depend almost wholly on maki... Continue Reading..

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